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‘Świątkowscy Nursery of Trees and Shrubs’ is a family business with long – term experience in forest trade. We specialize in producing trees’ and shrubs’ seedlings destined for EU forestation, reclamation of post industrial grounds as well as tree planting. Moreover, we produce a wide range of plants used for spruces’ and firs’ plantations. We also offer vaccination pads for plants, decorative ground cover plants, potted plants and avenue trees. Apart from plant production we also render such services as complex creation of forested areas and spruces’ and firs’ plantation. Our nursery is equipped with machines of the Edegal brand that guarantee high quality of the products offered. Our assortment consists of the seed collected from the most valuable seed grounds. Collecting of such material goes on according to seed regionalization conducted under the protectorate of Sustained Yield Forestry. Province Inspectorate for Plants and Seed Protection in Bydgoszcz with branch office in Włocławek is in charge of our assortment. Our qualified staff that has been gaining experience in nursery production since the 80ties in the National Forests guarantees the highest standard of the services offered.

Szkółka drzew i krzewów Świątkowscy

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Łukasz Świątkowski
+48 505 024 858

Szkółka Drzew i Krzewów
Księża Kępka 4
87 – 850 Choceń

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