Trees and shrubs for you!

Szkółka drzew i krzewów
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Contact us!

Łukasz Świątkowski
+48 505 024 858

Szkółka Drzew i Krzewów
Księża Kępka 4
87 – 850 Choceń

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Szkółka drzew i krzewów Świątkowscy

Trees and shrubs for you!

'Świątkowscy Nursery of Trees and Shrubs’ is a family business with long – term experience in forest trade. We specialize in producing trees’ and shrubs’ seedlings destined for EU forestation, reclamation of post industrial grounds as well as tree planting. Moreover, we produce a wide range of plants used for spruces’ and firs’ plantations. We also offer vaccination pads for plants, decorative ground cover plants, potted plants and avenue trees.

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